Searching - Portée disparue

Alors que Margot, 16 ans, a disparu, l’enquête ouverte ne donne rien et malgré les heures décisives qui s’écoulent, l’inspectrice chargée de l’affaire n’a pas le moindre indice. Le père, David, décide alors de mener ses propres recherches, en commençant par là où personne n’a encore regardé : l’ordinateur de sa fille.

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  1. Anon 24.09.18

    I am nervous about one thing: Searching - Portée disparue's anger. Eddie's life was in shambles the day the symbiote merged with him, leading him to vow revenge on those who wronged him. Without Spiderman, will this movie be able to recreate his feeling of worthlessness and fury?

  2. Anon 24.09.18

    so there using Brock which is good. Brock is using We which is good. However Brock Searching - Portée disparue doesn't really make for a good anti hero on his own when starting out so I feel a bit weary

  3. Anon 24.09.18


  4. Anon 24.09.18


  5. Anon 24.09.18

    Looks horrible. If you have a demon monster inside of you, then the appropriate tone of the film should be a psychological thriller, not a run-of-the-mill action flick that we've seen a million times. You do know this is pretty much Ghost Rider, right? But far less enjoyable (coming from someone who actually likes the Ghost Rider movie).

  6. Anon 24.09.18

    Venoninho extreme deve ta como agr

  7. Anon 24.09.18

    We.......Are Searching - Portée disparue!

  8. Anon 24.09.18

    Good luck flossing those teeth

  9. Anon 24.09.18

    I can't stop watching this trailer (20th time now)

  10. Anon 24.09.18

    aquele personagem que você fica em duvida se realmente é da marvel

  11. Anon 24.09.18


  12. Anon 24.09.18

    If he doesn't fight spiderman at some point in the movie i'm gonna be really disappointed

  13. Anon 24.09.18

    so many anti heroic characters are hitting the screens now lol

  14. Anon 24.09.18

    Now we can finally forget spiderman 3

  15. Anon 24.09.18

    truly ugly!but where is hero

  16. Anon 24.09.18

    Do we know what rating this film will have yet? Like PG-13 possibly R

  17. Anon 24.09.18

    Охуенно наконец то

  18. Anon 24.09.18

    Searching - Portée disparue.

  19. Anon 24.09.18

    The trailer music is from avengers infinity war lol

  20. Anon 24.09.18

    How he make the Mmm sound with no lips

  21. Anon 24.09.18

    Wish disney could have made it.

  22. Anon 24.09.18

    Bouta nut

  23. Anon 24.09.18

    Aside from this looking goofy.. his weakness is a ringing bell.. a fuckin bell..

  24. Anon 24.09.18

    Am I the only one who thinks Searching - Portée disparue saying “Eddie” sounds like penny wise calling kaspbrack into the neibolt house?

  25. Anon 24.09.18

    Considering that vemon based its look off of spidermans suit dont you think that its kinda dumb not having spider man in the movie?

  26. Anon 24.09.18

    I feel a Tobey Mcguire comebackߑ... What y'all think??

  27. Anon 24.09.18

    I was wondering why my tumblr was blowing up with Searching - Portée disparue, had no idea there was a Searching - Portée disparue movie coming out.

  28. Anon 24.09.18

    Ooo yeah

  29. Anon 24.09.18

    Looks like generic trash with Searching - Portée disparue thrown in, clearly these writers don’t read Searching - Portée disparue

  30. Anon 24.09.18

    All hail Searching - Portée disparue

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