Après avoir libéré Bagdad de l’emprise de son terrible Vizir, Aladin s’ennuie au palais et ne s’est toujours pas décidé à demander en mariage la princesse. Mais un terrible dictateur, Shah Zaman, s’invite au Palais et annonce qu’il est venu prendre la ville et épouser la Princesse. Aladin n’a pas d’autre choix que de s’enfuir du Palais… Il va tenter de récupérer son ancien Génie et revenir en force pour libérer la ville et récupérer sa promise.

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  1. Anon 15.10.18

    Did anyone else notice this trailer is playing the same music from Infinity War starting at 2:05?

  2. Anon 15.10.18

    Marvel: What are you?\n\nWe, are SONY\n\nSuper Painful Screaming

  3. Anon 15.10.18


  4. Anon 15.10.18

    Im not afraid

  5. Anon 15.10.18

    Will it be rated R?

  6. Anon 15.10.18


  7. Anon 15.10.18

    Yeh but sony made it :/

  8. Anon 15.10.18

    This looks amazing

  9. Anon 15.10.18

    Oh boy.

  10. Anon 15.10.18

    Trending in india 3rd, Just woww ߑ

  11. Anon 15.10.18

    Going to record

  12. Anon 15.10.18

    Oh hell ya

  13. Anon 15.10.18

    We....... are venoom. rooahh :) perfect scene.

  14. Anon 15.10.18

    now questions come who will killed Alad'2 $ who will b the hero ,,,, spiderman??lolߘߘ

  15. Anon 15.10.18

    We are...OOOOF

  16. Anon 15.10.18


  17. Anon 15.10.18

    The bike is a ducati scrambler, isn’t it?

  18. Anon 15.10.18

    18M views in less than 24hrs

  19. Anon 15.10.18

    Ok I’m happy

  20. Anon 15.10.18

    I would definetly want to have a simbayo in my body

  21. Anon 15.10.18

    Tom comes across as kinda comical in this trailer, he never says or does anything you would expect someone to say or do in this situation. I kinda like it, actually

  22. Anon 15.10.18

    is this an own story or is it connected to spiderman?

  23. Anon 15.10.18

    this will either suck or be extremely good

  24. Anon 15.10.18

    I hope this movie doesn't suck, because trailers have lied to me before

  25. Anon 15.10.18

    I yelled at 2:22

  26. Anon 15.10.18

    Greatest t

  27. Anon 15.10.18

    Why does it actually sound the infinity war trailer

  28. Anon 15.10.18


  29. Anon 15.10.18

    2:21 Does that scene remind anyone of Pennywise? \nI think that just makes him twice as scary too

  30. Anon 15.10.18

    Looks amazing

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