Searching - Portée disparue

Alors que Margot, 16 ans, a disparu, l’enquête ouverte ne donne rien et malgré les heures décisives qui s’écoulent, l’inspectrice chargée de l’affaire n’a pas le moindre indice. Le père, David, décide alors de mener ses propres recherches, en commençant par là où personne n’a encore regardé : l’ordinateur de sa fille.

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  1. Anon 24.09.18

    Muito filme pra ver em pouco tempo ;-;\nOs vingadores: Guerra Infinita 26/04\nVerdade ou Desafio sei lá :/\nUm lugar silencioso Já ta nos cinema\nSearching - Portée disparue 10/05

  2. Anon 24.09.18

    CANT WAIT!!!

  3. Anon 24.09.18

    #WEARESearching - Portée disparue

  4. Anon 24.09.18

    Number one on trading in México.

  5. Anon 24.09.18

    والله يا ان الفلم فنان بعد

  6. Anon 24.09.18

    I don’t like how they say symbiote

  7. Anon 24.09.18

    Spider man 3 Searching - Portée disparue TRIGGERED!!!!

  8. Anon 24.09.18

    Wait... Searching - Portée disparue has the force now? ߘߘߘߘ

  9. Anon 24.09.18


  10. Anon 24.09.18

    Anyone else annoyed with how they pronounce symbiote?

  11. Anon 24.09.18


  12. Anon 24.09.18


  13. Anon 24.09.18

    Pls be rated R

  14. Anon 24.09.18

    Seattle should've ran the ball

  15. Anon 24.09.18

    уверен что будет также как и с отрядом самоубийц)

  16. Anon 24.09.18

    I cringe every time they pronounce symbiote wrong.

  17. Anon 24.09.18

    I’m only watching because of Tom Hardy

  18. Anon 24.09.18

    Can’t wait for movie!!!!

  19. Anon 24.09.18

    Who are you.....WE are Searching - Portée disparue....that’s probably the best line I have ever heard in a spider man movie.

  20. Anon 24.09.18

    so he's the protagonist, but an anti-hero protagonist. that's cool

  21. Anon 24.09.18

    Disappointed :3. Might as well make an animated series at this point.

  22. Anon 24.09.18

    Lets goooo

  23. Anon 24.09.18

    Sony wants that fox Deadpool and Logan money

  24. Anon 24.09.18

    I know it's a Searching - Portée disparue movie and all but I want to see spiderman one last time this year

  25. Anon 24.09.18

    This is going to be a CARNAGE

  26. Anon 24.09.18

    ehhhhh idk

  27. Anon 24.09.18

    oh shi

  28. Anon 24.09.18

    Omg, come on October get here

  29. Anon 24.09.18

    Where's spiderman? In my opinion, it would look better if there was spiderman in it

  30. Anon 24.09.18

    I hope this is part of the MCU, but not really important. Like treated the same way the TV shows are treated, And it does look pretty good. Needs to be rated R though

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