Les Déguns

Après 4 saisons d’immense succès sur Youtube, les Déguns arrivent au cinéma. Nono et Karim, deux vrais « déguns » des quartiers de Marseille, se retrouvent enfermés dans un camp de redressement militaire suite à un cambriolage. Réussissant à s’évader, ils vont sillonner les routes de France pour rejoindre la copine de Karim à Saint-Tropez. Leur périple sera fait de rencontres plus improbables les unes que les autres...


  1. Anon 24.09.18

    WE ARE \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGROOT

  2. Anon 24.09.18

    Les Déguns himself looks really freaking great! However everything else still isnt really doing anything for me, so I’m really pumped to see Les Déguns kick the crap out of some baddies but overall I’m not the most hyped

  3. Anon 24.09.18

    Kya chutiyapa hai !!

  4. Anon 24.09.18

    2:21 is it me or did I hear Les Déguns have an accent

  5. Anon 24.09.18

    Logan and Batman combined yay!!!

  6. Anon 24.09.18

    I am excited.

  7. Anon 24.09.18

    did something that Spiderman 3 couldn't gave Les Déguns his own voice and his own consciousness

  8. Anon 24.09.18


  9. Anon 24.09.18

    WE ARE Les Déguns

  10. Anon 24.09.18

    My favorite villain

  11. Anon 24.09.18

    Looks a bit CG-ish. Hope they refine it.

  12. Anon 24.09.18

    Love how all the people hating on the TEASER are now loving it

  13. Anon 24.09.18

    So Les Déguns is a bad guy??

  14. Anon 24.09.18

    this looks pretty cool

  15. Anon 24.09.18


  16. Anon 24.09.18

    I would LOVE to see Avengers Infinity War or Avengers 4 tie into this somehow, with Spider-Man getting the suit for just a bit, then getting rid of this. This small event would then lead to this movie. Basically like Civil War lead to Homecoming.

  17. Anon 24.09.18

    thumbnail looks like Les Déguns is saying “WASSSUP” haha

  18. Anon 24.09.18

    Oh this doesn't look up to the standards held by myself or the good people over at Marvel.

  19. Anon 24.09.18


  20. Anon 24.09.18

    We are Les Déguns ߖ

  21. Anon 24.09.18

    Here before a mill !! Class

  22. Anon 24.09.18

    i was wondering when we would see Les Déguns again after his battle with spider-man in the film spider-man 3

  23. Anon 24.09.18

    игру prototype напомнило

  24. Anon 24.09.18

    Not too keen on this. The CGI looks terrible.

  25. Anon 24.09.18


  26. Anon 24.09.18


  27. Anon 24.09.18

    So the Les Déguns voice is a black man?

  28. Anon 24.09.18

    Waooooooooo! This is amazing!

  29. Anon 24.09.18

    This Trailer is awesome ߕߕߕ

  30. Anon 24.09.18

    that's more like it!!

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