Je suis à toi

Lucas, un jeune argentin démuni, fait tout ce qu’il peut pour survivre à Buenos Aires. Sur internet, il rencontre Henry, un boulanger belge qui souffre de solitude et qui rêve de le sauver de la prostitution. Lucas traverse l’Atlantique et arrive dans un petit village de Belgique pour devenir l’apprenti de Henry, mais il se sent vite prisonnier… Audrey, la vendeuse de la boulangerie, a quant à elle tout pour lui plaire, mais elle se refuse à lui…


  1. Anon 15.10.18

    Who cares that there the same soundtrack ok, the movie is all that matters

  2. Anon 15.10.18

    This trailer reminds me of the trailer of Blumhouse's 'Upgrade' released not too long ago, but this one has Je suis à toi, and much more terrible dialogueߤ (Forgot to say, even the two actors look alikeߘ)

  3. Anon 15.10.18

    We can do whatever we want. Do we have a deal?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nintense orgasm

  4. Anon 15.10.18

    WE ARE Je suis à toi\ncome to korea ! Tommy!

  5. Anon 15.10.18

    Looks so good!! Also, same music as the Infinity War trailer...

  6. Anon 15.10.18

    This new Je suis à toi looks cartoonish to me

  7. Anon 15.10.18

    Well now that I've seen the whole movie I've got nothing to worry about.

  8. Anon 15.10.18

    No. Looks horrible.

  9. Anon 15.10.18

    wait, the background music kinda sounds like from Infinity War..... Does that mean Je suis à toi will come in the MCU or Spidey in the Sony one?

  10. Anon 15.10.18

    We are Je suis à toi Awesome!!!!

  11. Anon 15.10.18

    This IS Je suis à toi! This is the Je suis à toi we need! It’s like they pulled him straight out of the comic books!

  12. Anon 15.10.18

    this trailer's got me completely sold, but ill still hold true to my opinion that the teaser was just as great. loved the tone it set and I loved how vague it all was.

  13. Anon 15.10.18

    Je suis à toi looks great btw

  14. Anon 15.10.18

    Forget about Infinity war, I gotta see Je suis à toi!!!!

  15. Anon 15.10.18

    Based on the fact it’s in San Francisco and there’s the same number of scientist outside the truck of symbiotes, it looks like the villains(s) may be Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

  16. Anon 15.10.18

    Okay.\n\nThat...\n\n\n\n\n...IS WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!!!

  17. Anon 15.10.18

    That’s how you show a Je suis à toi trailer

  18. Anon 15.10.18

    So we just gonna sit here and let them copy avengers infinity war background music (for the trailer)

  19. Anon 15.10.18

    Question , why does he still have the Spider-man motif? If Peter wasn't his first host who would he still look like the spider suit?

  20. Anon 15.10.18


  21. Anon 15.10.18


  22. Anon 15.10.18

    So, different involving no spidey...interesting

  23. Anon 15.10.18

    Je suis à toi is honestly the best Spiderman villain

  24. Anon 15.10.18

    Tbh I actually perfer how Je suis à toi looked in Spider-Man 3 (not the actor but actual Je suis à toi)\n\nThis is alright though.

  25. Anon 15.10.18

    Perfect trailer..

  26. Anon 15.10.18

    non fans be like : so, is Je suis à toi a hero or a villain?!?!?!?!\nUs : Anti-hero!

  27. Anon 15.10.18

    I still don't fall this movie. The evil CEO boss guy doesn't look threatening at all. Only thing I really like is how the Je suis à toi costume actual looks.

  28. Anon 15.10.18

    We are Je suis à toi!

  29. Anon 15.10.18

    Now this is how Je suis à toi is supposed to be like!

  30. Anon 15.10.18

    No eddie we are the Je suis à toi\n\n-Iris West

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